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Inculcating COMMUNITY VALUES through sports

Updated: May 16, 2023

Over the years, we have come to believe that team sports, such as football, are so much more than just physical activities that are good for our body. It can wholly support a young player’s emotional growth & well-being too!

Inculcating Community Values Through Sports
Inculcating Community Values Through Sports

The five C’s—competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring— are strengthened by team sports.

As a result of better social interactions, enduring relationships, and improved academic success, our players gain self-esteem, or a greater sense of one’s own worth which is the core of all this. Playing sports can transform a young adult’s life in so many ways. Young girls and boys learn problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, respect, honesty and perseverance. They become more confident in their own abilities, overcome body image issues and gain such a boost in self-esteem.

Building a sense of community around sport is an important part of what we do at Great Goals. First of all, we consider parents to be partners in their child’s athletic development. Our programming also includes making sure that parents take part in their children’s classes, receive regular reports on their development, and engage in the goal-setting process. Our players positively experience higher levels of social support, and the feeling of community that they form with their teammates, coaches, and families. This creates the ideal environment for crucial self-esteem growth.

Representing your school, club, state, or country may be an incredibly fulfilling and joyous experience that gives one a feeling of identity and meaning in life. To do this, we create leagues in which every Great Goals player can take part. Leagues are an enjoyable, secure, and friendly way to put your abilities to the test and collaborate with your peers. Being a part of a team encourages children to develop stronger ties and learn the value of camaraderie while practicing and competing together. They discover that teamwork is essential for success and that a game is never won or lost because of one player. The children will end up spending more time developing and positively affirming each other as they train together. They will understand the value of playing a part in a bigger team and the value of fostering the connections made through sport.

Young athletes who have positive sports role models are more inclined to look for positive role models throughout their lives. Football players at Great Goals teams frequently collaborate with different individuals, many of whom become excellent role models to them over the course of time. Our Coaches can have a big impact on a young athlete’s life. Our coaches ensure that children learn the value of respecting other players and the game’s rules by competing fairly against other individuals and teams. This helps children in learning the right path to achieve their life objectives and goals in the future too.

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