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Identifying & Developing Talent

Great Goals Trust has 5 Elite High Performance Teams

Boys Teams: U11U-13U-15U17

Girls Team: U12

Our elite football teams participate in State and National level leagues, and are in the top 3 in Chennai.

Our objectives in running these teams have been:

GGosterFlyer Templates 1080x1080.png
GGosterFlyer Templates 1080x1080.png

To provide playing opportunities that enable players to maximize and showcase their potential by participating in tournaments and leagues

To enable players of advanced skills to showcase their potential through state and national level platforms such as the I-League

We scout for Talent via Open Trials

Our teams are based purely on merit. We select players from within Great Goals and from outside by holding regular selections. All players within the program are selected for their talent, effort and attitude on the field. We also offer scholarships for deserving candidates based on the means of the player. 

We build Competitive Teams

Our Elite / High Performance program is structured around building competitive teams. Here, we focus on physical conditioning, technical mastery, and tactical play with increased player commitment. Our teams compete in city-level tournaments. 

We participate in State & National Leagues

Since 2018, Great Goals takes part in the All India Football Federation’s U15 (Junior) & U13 (Sub-junior) National Youth League. For academy players, this league provides the most intensely competitive environment. Each team member is chosen based on merit.

Does your child have what it takes?

Get in touch to inquire about our next  High Performance Camp & Open Trials

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Skills & Ball Techniques

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Footwork Excercises

GGosterFlyer Templates 1080x1080 (1).png

Strategy & Teamwork exercises

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Fun Games & Trial Matches

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