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Chennai's Largest

Grassroots Football Program

For children between the ages of 4 and 16, Great Goals offers an age-appropriate and ability-based football program. We follow the Long Term Player Development Approach (also called the Four Corner model developed by the English FA). Our training is based on an annual curriculum that is designed to ensure every player learns the most they can every term. 

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6 years of Chennai's Largest Grassroots Football Tournament

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10 years of Award winning Grassroots Football Leagues

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2 FIFA Awards for Golden Baby Leagues

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Other Program Highlights

Typical term is 4 months

Shorter terms available

Typically 2 group classes / week

Options vary per centre

Open to all skill levels

No prior training required to join at any age

Mix of Licensed & Trained Coaches

Coach rotation ensures child's exposure to various coaching styles

Regular Progress updates

through detailed report cards and coach meetings

Pathway for talented players

to be selected for High Performance/ Competitive teams

Age Appropriate Programs



  • The primary objective at this age is to introduce young children to sports and make them comfortable on a sports field

  • At age 4, children are ready to understand basic instructions along with the ABCs of sport – Agility, Balance, and Coordination

  • These skills are developed through fun games that challenge children and help them grow individually as players. 

  • The skills developed through this program are transferable to other activities. By developing these skills, they start to appreciate the value of sports.



  • At this age children love to play with the ball by themselves – our sessions are structured to ensure there are maximum touches on the ball through fun games

  • In this age group, we aim to ensure that the child gets to self-explore during the sessions with the guidance of our coaches and learn to love and play football.

  • We introduce the concept of matches with small sided games, 1-v-1 drills and match days. 


U9 / U11

  • In this age group, absolute mastery of basic ball control is the main goal. Every player should have confidence in controlling the ball and be familiar with the game’s fundamental mechanics, rules, and regulations.

  • A greater emphasis is placed on gameplay, with small-sided games to enable players to control the ball in situations of pressure. This makes it possible for more time on the ball, which helps players gain confidence.

  • To increase physical fitness, we also focus on agility, balance and coordination on and off the ball.


U13 / U15 / U17

  • In this category, we focus on decision-making on the field through situational drills. Our drills focus on fundamental football skills and begin to emphasize positional and tactical play

  • We also focus on the increased speed of gameplay through tactical situations and fitness drills.

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Matches & Tournaments

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Saturday Match Days

Every Saturday, we conduct match days at all Great Goal centres. This is an opportunity for all age categories to showcase what they learnt during the week on the field. Parents are also encouraged to attend to cheer on their kids, appreciate how much effort their children put into class, meet the coaches and play a vital role in building an inclusive football community.


Baby Leagues at Great Goals

Every term, we conduct an in-house league at Great Goals. This is open to all players from the age of 7 and is usually held in the last few weeks of the season. The league is an opportunity for players to showcase their skills, and grow as leaders, team players, and sports people. At the end of every league, awards are distributed to the teams and individual talent and sportsmanship are recognized.

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Annual Tournament

Every year, we conduct Chennai's largest grassroots football tournament where all footballs club in Chennai participate from U7 to U15. We have conducted 6 annual tournaments till date. This is an opportunity for grassroots football teams to play in a professionally organized, competitive environment. With over 50 teams consisting of 500+ players participating in 80+ matches in 5 categories in a span of 2 days, the environment is exhilarating, inclusive and motivating for grassroots football development.

What Parents Say

"All Credit to the coaches & staff who do a great job. The match days are great..."

Karthik & Anusha

Parents of Ayaan U9

"The best part is the discipline towards making a structured program..."

Sri Hari

Parent of Sai Samvid U9

"I am very impressed with how the tournaments and training are conducted..."

Razia Abbas

Grand parent of Raahil U11

"It gives me so much pleasure to see the happiness, energy and anticipation in the boys..."

Dr. Geetha

Parent of Sarvesh U9, Harshath U13

Suneethi-Great Goals 10th Anniversary Carnival.png

We build Communities


Bring a Buddy

Every term, we enable the 'Bring a Buddy' concept, wherein all players can bring a friend to a session. Our players love this session as they get to share their favourite class with their favourite friends. The same buddy can come to upto two classes and its absolutely free!

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Family Play Day

Every term we host a 'Family Play Day'. Players can bring an adult (parent, older relative) to participate in a class with them – join in drills, learn basic skills and the most fun and competitive part of the evening – play a match! We encourage mothers, aunts and female relatives to come to Family Play Day, because it is important for young children to UNLEARN any stereotypes they may have about sports and gender. But more than anything else, this event builds the sense of community and the spirit of sports – a wonderful way to celebrate our children and the child in each of us. 

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