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Great Goals Trust

Great Goals Trust, an NGO, is a sister organization to Great Goals with the mission of Sports for All. We strive to level the playing field by lowering barriers for all young individuals, irrespective of gender, background or economic constraints.

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Engage, Inspire & Empower young boys and girls to Reach for the Stars.


To create an eco-system where sportsmanship is greater than sport.

We strive to level the playing field by lowering barriers for all young individuals, irrespective of gender, background or economic constraints.

Reach for the Stars

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We partnered with the Thirumalai Charity Trust to bring the Just for Girls program to Ranipet, to 64 girls from villages surrounding Ranipet.


That’s why we set up the Great Goals Trust in 2018. This non-profit arm of Great Goals seeks to give back to sport and society. Since 2018, this has been the mandate and aim of the Great Goals Trust – to grow these initiatives that bring sports to less privileged groups and schools. We began on a small scale with a few donors, mostly family and close friends.


To remove these barriers, we began a series of initiatives in 2015 to promote sport at the grassroots. We began offering training scholarships, worked with low-income schools, and started the 'Just for Girls' program to engage more girls in sports. We wanted every child who wanted to be a part of Great Goals to have access. We wanted to break economic barriers and close gender gaps so that all children who love sports can play sports. As the demand for these initiatives grew, we realized that they needed a separate focus to achieve scale.


Great Goals was created to enable children to reach their true potential through sports. We believe that sport is a metaphor for life, and through sport, children learn problem-solving teamwork, leadership, respect, honesty, and perseverance. Very soon, we realized that there were barriers, economic and social, that prevented children from participating in Great Goals.


We will continue to expand the scale and reach of our programs to benefit more and more children in line with our objectives.


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Enable football and basketball training for those who cannot afford or access Great Goals through scholarships

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Provide playing opportunities that enable a player to maximize and showcase their potential by organizing and participating in tournaments and leagues

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Enable players of advanced skills to showcase their potential through state and national level platforms such as the I-League

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Enable increased participation of girls in sports through developing programs such as Just for Girls

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Partner with under-funded or under-resourced schools, clubs & organizations to offer year-round programs, camps and events


We are proud to have partnered with the Great Goals Trust in getting the Just for Girls Program to the rural communities around Ranipet and Vellore.

Enabling access to skilled coaches, structured-yet-engaging curriculum and other such opportunities typically associated with urban sports settings - is indeed a great service that Great Goals Trust has embarked on.

This is best experienced by seeing the joy in the eyes of the village girls when they take to the field.

Wishing Great Goals Trust all the best in spreading this happiness to many more underprivileged children across geographies in the years to come.

Anand Rangachary,

CEO, Thirumalai Charity Trust

Programs run by the Trust 

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Remove barriers to affordability for all and encourage more girls to participate in physical sports. We seek to reach hundreds of under-served children who dream of playing football and basketball. Every year since 2015, this number has been steadily growing and formalized in the Trust since 2018.

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Schools in Need

Provide exposure and enjoyment of football in schools without access/ underprivileged / underfunded schools. Our programs are designed to meet the needs and philosophy of the school - as regular all-year programs, summer camps, or short workshops. Schools report increased attendance on football days!

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Just for Girls

A football program that is only for girls, where we prioritize teaching excellent skills in a safe environment. In addition to breaking stereotypes, we see the impact as girls have increased confidence, improved body image, and improved ability to cope with mental stress. The Just for Girls program runs in schools and our centers.

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Youth I-League

Provide access to platforms to push limits and intense training of players with advanced abilities by recruitment for I-league teams. As a new entrant into the league in 2018, our teams have won consistent praise for their performance and teamwork, and have placed well in the standings.

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Baby League

Promote grassroots competition through the Baby League. Building on our internal leagues, since January 2013, the Trust has run the league in 2018-19 and 2019-20 under the AIFF Baby League initiative. The league has been recognised with a FIFA Award in both years.

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Institutional Supporters

Institutional Partners

  • Thirumalai Charity Trust

  • HUC Football Club

  • AVM Film Studio

  • Christensen Investor Relations (I) Pvt Ltd

  • IC Universal Legal

  • J Thomas Educational and Benovolent Trust

  • Loveji and Homai Foundation

  • Subramanian Engineering Ltd

  • Maya Appliances

  • Chaitanya Foundation

  • Dr. Agarwals

  • Apollo Hospitals

  • Zenoti India

  • Dodla Dairy Ltd

  • MM Forgings

  • Tube Investments Pvt Ltd

  • AV Thomas Group

Medical Partners

  • Kauvery Hospital

Other Partners

  • COSCO India

  • Decathlon India

Individual Donors

Our sincere gratitude to the parents and individuals who have personally contributed and supported us throughout our journey.

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